Meditation (and mindfulness to the same extent) is a concept that is unforatenly misused more than most. Because of this many people fail to understand what meditation is, and just how easy it can be to incorporate in to a daily routine.

In its raw essence, meditation is the practice of focusing the mind a particular object, mantra or activity (your breathe) in order to settle your mind.

The biggest misconception is that meditation is merely strutured ‘thinking’. This couldn’t be further from truth of meditation which looks to move beyond the ego by queiting the internal chatter that accompanies us throughout our daily lives.

Meditation allows us to see thoughts for what they are, passing fragmants of imagination, and as a result of not placing any emphasis upon them we’re able to relize that infact, we’re not our thoughts.We are at peace when we have calmed the mind and enter a state of tranquilitity and if there is a goal of meditation that is it.

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