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Forgiveness Meditation Script

(A Simple Guide to Letting-Go of Resentment)

Learning to practice forgiveness is an essential part of spiritual development. It might sound strange, but whether or not you need to forgive others or forgive yourself, developing the ability to forgive is an integral part of healing in your daily life and also of progress in your meditation practice.

I’d even go so far to say that forgiveness is the answer to almost everything. That’s because forgiveness leads us to love and love holds the key to all kinds of healing.

When we learn to forgive we free ourselves from the burdens of resentment, hatred, bitterness, and sadness, and we breakthrough that stagnant, negative energy that holds us back from present moment happiness.

Holding onto anger and resentment is a conscious choice to continue feeling the hurt someone else has caused you despite the fact that the event that caused you pain is no longer happening. In the case of self-forgiveness, the same principle applies. Holding onto the emotions of hatred and bitterness towards yourself only keeps you enslaved to those emotions and stops you from being fully present.

When you make the decision to forgive someone for the way they harmed you, you do so for yourself, not for them – that is key.

Forgiveness is an act of self-love. You forgive without the possibility of anything changing, the person you want to forgive does not have to rectify their behavior or even apologize to you.

The one who changes is in fact you. Forgiveness is purely about you. It involves you changing the way you view the situation or person and ultimately taking responsibility for how you feel.

When you learn to view the other person as another human, just like you, who is trying their best in the moment with the tools that they have available to them, you can experience loving and kind feelings towards them.

Your power lies in knowing that nobody else can dictate how you decide to feel. You must take responsibility for your own happiness.

It is only when you learn to abandon those bitter thoughts are you able to experience loving-kindness towards others and yourself.

The power of forgiveness is what allows you to experience true freedom and a sense of peace.

Forgive Yourself

Im Sorry Written in White Paper

Forgiving yourself is sometimes harder than forgiving others. We are often the harshest judges of our own lives.

It is essential to forgive yourself in order to be truly happy and live with a sense of peace.

When you hold anger, regret, and shame towards yourself, you can’t really live life to the fullest. You will continue to place blocks to happiness in your own way.

Letting Go

Letting Go of A Balloon Lantern - Forgiveness Meditation

There are several ways to practice releasing yourself from the past and stepping into forgiveness through mindfulness meditation, visualization guided exercises or other meditation practices.

Try the following healing meditation for forgiveness below. You can return to it as many times as you like. I recommend that you do it several times in order to forgive others, to release resentment towards yourself, and also to ask for forgiveness from those you may have harmed unintentionally.

If this is the first time you have done a guided forgiveness meditation, you might have several people, situations, or issues to practice healing, that’s totally fine, you can practice forgiveness following this meditation script as many times as you feel necessary.

 Guided Forgiveness Meditation

Find yourself a comfortable place to sit and settle yourself there, using a meditation chair if necessary.

Gently close your eyes when you are ready.

Bring your attention to the reality where you are right now and feel yourself sitting wherever you are. Take a deep breath in and exhale.

Breathe easily, letting your breaths flow in and out naturally. Do not try to force your breath.

Now rest your awareness in the area of your heart. Breathe into this heart area and allow yourself to feel any stuck emotions that are present.

Become aware of the memories that bring you pain, the barriers you may have put up to protect yourself, and the lingering emotions you carry due to not letting go and forgiving.

Just let those feelings arise now and allow them to become present.

Now you are going to visualize the person who has harmed you, whether they meant too or not. If you have many situations or people that you wish to forgive and heal, just pick the one that comes to mind first, you can always return to this meditation script.

Picture them now, in your mind’s eye standing before you.

Feel the reaction you have as you remember the pain they inflicted upon you. Whether it be shame, hatred, anger, despair just gently allow your emotions to be felt.

Try to feel in your whole body where these emotions translate as physical sensations.

Do you have a tightness in your shoulders or neck? Or perhaps you feel it in your stomach. Breathe deeply through any discomfort.

Look at the person before you now and hold this image.

Feel how holding onto the burdens of the past keeps you energetically linked to the negativity of what happened. Decide now to release yourself from that bind.

Tell yourself that you can forgive and you are willing to forgive to the extent that you can, in this moment. Understand that this person was acting from their own pain, confusion, and hurt and you do not need to carry that energy forward.

Envisage a bright white light inside your being glimmering somewhere around your navel.

See this white light radiating outward, and expanding way beyond your being. This light glimmers with power and pure love, it glows and spreads far beyond you like a halo.

As you observe that person before you, see that same bright white light glowing in the center of their being.

Watch as this light spreads and radiates out to take over their entire body.

See them smiling and looking happily back at you. Feel the pure love that radiates from this universal light, a light that binds all of us together in life.

Realize and feel how you are part of the same light in the Universe, and that you can choose to focus on love and kindness or not. You do not have to excuse the behavior of this person, but you do need to release yourself from those negative emotions.

With this person in mind before you, say to them and to yourself.

“To the best of my ability now, I forgive you and I wish you love and happiness. I release the pain from this situation for I no longer wish to carry it in my heart. I wish to practice self-love and to cultivate a sense of peace in my daily life. I release you and I forgive you.”

You can change these words in your own way if you prefer to fit the situation you are letting go of. The important thing is to feel as much as you can, a sense of loving-kindness towards this person now.

Finally, feel the lightness inside you that comes from letting go of resentment. The power of forgiveness has the power to heal all things.

Feel how that healing has taken place on all levels, energetically, emotionally, and physically. You may notice in the days ahead that you feel looser and more relaxed, perhaps that tightness that was present in physical sensations is now much less.

Charlie Morley

I'm Charlie. I’m not a ‘guru’ or yogi with ten vipassana retreats under my belt. Far from it. I just enjoy Meditation and Yoga and want to create a daily routine that allows me to be present, mindful and in touch with consciousness and thought I would blog about the process.

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