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Guided Nature Meditation Practice 

This guided nature meditation is one of my absolute favorite relaxation exercises. It’s ideal for any time you crave spending time in nature but can’t actually get outside in the fresh air for whatever reason. It’s been a real godsend at times during this turbulent year when rules and regulations have made it much harder to spend as much time outside as many of us would normally do. I also recommend it for whenever you may be feeling overwhelmed, sad, or angry. The soothing dose of nature that this mindfulness meditation provides is perfect for a quick energy pick-me-up and a gentle boost to your self-esteem.

Just basking in the feelings of contentment that the guided relaxation script conjures up in your imagination is a wonderful way to bring more mindfulness into your day.

Guided Imagery Scripts

You don’t need any special skills to take part in the guided imagery, just let your imagination do the work. Visualizing is something we can all do at any moment, don’t overthink it. Follow the free guided meditation script below, or if you prefer to, write your own script using images from the kind of natural environment that most speaks to you and your emotional needs.

Woman Doing Guided Nature Meditation

Guided Imagery Meditation

Firstly, find a comfortable place to sit where you can allow your entire body to relax as you take some deep breaths in and out. We begin the meditation with a quick breathing exercise, simply noticing where your inhalations and exhalations are in your body. Can you feel your belly filling up with air as you breathe in? And allow that air to be released as you exhale. Do this a few more times.

Allow your shoulders to drop, your arms to be relaxed in a comfortable position in your lap, and just settle into your space and into the present moment.

As you continue deep breathing in and out, turn your attention inward now, and consider how your body feels.

Where are you holding tightly and where are you loose? Take just a few moments to mentally scan through your entire body, noticing how it feels.

Whenever you come across a feeling of tension or tightness, imagine directing your breath to that area, soothing any discomfort. Inhale and exhale and imagine the tension dissolving as you deeply relax every muscle.

Feel your body and mind becoming calm, relaxed, and filled with a deep peace.

Allow your attention to be drawn to your deep breathing, and just become aware again of how it feels to take those long, deep breaths in and out, letting the air flow naturally to and from your being. Relax and breathe.

Let the air out of your mouth with an audible sigh. Do that again. Take another deep breath in and let it out with a sigh, all the way out.

Now, as you settle into this feeling of relaxation, you’re going to shift your awareness away and deep into the world of your imagination. Are you ready?

Imagine that you are walking along a pathway through beautiful woodland.

Really feel yourself there now. Feel the warmth touching the top of your head as the sun shines down upon you from a beautiful blue sky.  Take a breath and imagine the smell of the fresh air as you walk through this winding pathway lined by trees. Feel the crunch of twigs and leaves under your feet.

It’s a perfect day to be out in nature. The temperature is just right and the sunlight throws intricate patterns and dappled shadows on the ground as it shines through the deep emerald canopy of trees above your head.

As you walk here, you can smell the green aliveness of nature all around you. With every step you take, you feel more and more relaxed and joyful to be here. There is a sense of ease and effortlessness about you as you walk along through the path. You feel light, energized, and happy. Just being here is like a tonic to the system. It is utterly peaceful here.

Notice the perfect blue sky above your head. You feel at one with the world, able to let your thoughts come and go, like the passing fluffy clouds. You are filled with an overwhelming sense of deep wellbeing.

Notice your surroundings in more detail. What do you see? Observe the trees as they bend and curve their branches up to the sky. They are all different sizes and species, some with buds and blossoms, and some full of leaves. Inhale their woody and earthy smell. Appreciate their deep roots and the intricate patterns on their bark.

Notice how wildflowers grow in and among the trees, all different colors of the rainbow. It seems like they are nodding and smiling at you as you pass, smile back at them.

You notice all the different sounds that come and go now, the rustle of leaves in the gentle breeze, the birds chirping and singing as they dance from branch to branch,the low humming of bees and other insects, and somewhere close by, the sound of flowing water.

You walk towards that sound, it’s a gentle trickling like a stream or a river bubbling over stones.

You follow the path towards that sound and come to a clearing, where a stream flows gently through the trees.

The sunlight sparkles on the surface of the water. Dragonflies and butterflies dance above the stream, flitting through the sun-streaked air. Glinting and glittering above the ripples.

You sit down here, beside the water’s edge, it is so peaceful and calm. You listen to the way the water gently cascades over pebbles and rocks, streaming by. You dip your hand into the water and feel its wonderful, refreshing coolness closing over the skin on your hand.

Appreciate the coolness of this stream and how it eventually flows into a river that flows to the ocean. Feel that sense of connectedness to all things on Earth simply by being out in nature.

Take some time here to just listen to the wildlife around you. Sense how this woodland provides a home to so many creatures. The rabbits and foxes, badgers, squirrels and raccoons, the birds and the bees, the fish in the stream.

You start to wander back along the path again, feeling so light and refreshed. You feel as though the pulse of nature itself has entered you and is a part of your being too.

Each breath that you take energizes you, heals you, restores you to your true vitality and health. You feel deeply supported by the earth, and in complete harmony with your surroundings.

You are an extension of this wonderful natural world, and you feel that now more than ever before as you bask in this experience. You feel confident, powerful, and alive. You are connected to the entire universe, and in that connection, you have deep faith, trust, strength, and courage. You are a powerful and magical being.

Now, as it is time to emerge back into the waking world from your woodland walk, take a few moments to bring that powerful natural energy with you, knowing that you can always return to this guided meditation, whenever you wish.

Take some gentle movements to bring you back, stretching your arms and legs and opening your eyes.

Charlie Morley

I'm Charlie. I’m not a ‘guru’ or yogi with ten vipassana retreats under my belt. Far from it. I just enjoy Meditation and Yoga and want to create a daily routine that allows me to be present, mindful and in touch with consciousness and thought I would blog about the process.

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