Hemi Sync Reviews: Meditation with Binaural beats

Meditation comes with a long list of health benefits, mental, physical, and emotional. It can help reduce your anxiety, stress, restlessness, and moods. Lately, meditation has been growing in popularity in the Western world, with new apps popping up all the time and celebrities and CEO’s all swearing by their daily ritual.

What is Hemi Sync?

If you’ve been practicing meditation for a while, perhaps you’ve heard of Hemi Sync already? Hemi Sync is short for hemispheric synchronization and is home to a huge amount of online downloadable content, mainly audio tracks to help with meditation, relaxation, focus, sleep, and an overall vibrant and healthy life.

The tracks use binaural beat technology, something we will get into deeper later on in this review. The hemi-sync product claims to boost your brainpower and make meditating easier and more accessible.

The Monroe Institute

The US-based non-profit organization, the Monroe Institute was first created by Robert Monroe in the 1970s. He was a pioneer in sound frequency research, learning how specific sound waves could beneficially influence human ability.

Monroe took decades to research and was finally able to pinpoint certain frequencies associated with inducing sleep, enhancing awareness and guiding the mind to higher states of consciousness. Helped by psychology, psychiatry, medicine, biochemistry, and electrical engineering experts and specialists, Monroe developed Hemi Sync and its patented audio technology.

How do Binaural Beats Work?

Binaural beats work by playing two different tones into each ear at the same time. Your subconscious mind fills in the gap between each tone thus synchronizing the left and right brain hemispheres. The gap or change occurs because the background beats of the audio meditation hit slightly different tones or frequencies in your brain. You interpret this difference in the frequencies as a pulse and that pulse then changes your brain activity leading to brain synchrony.

Hemispheric Synchronization

That is the name given to this focused whole-brain state – the state of mind that occurs when your right and left sides of your brain come together in a coherent whole. The state of mind that the hemi-sync audios create is one that allows you to improve your overall performance, giving you an increased understanding of yourself, an increase in focus and concentration, and overall well-being.

In a nutshell, these meditation audios allow you to reach peak states of the mind in a way that only happens randomly and briefly in normal life. The audio signals of this product are a means of changing and improving your brain waves through sound patterns.

Is Hemi Sync Safe?

There is nothing to worry about in terms of safety in general with these tracks for 99.9% of people who listen to them. If you already know that you have issues with brainwave stimulation or suffer from seizures or hearing disorders, consult your doctor to be on the absolutely safe side, but it would be unusual for you to experience a dangerous side effect.

If it’s your first time using this kind of sound technology, check with your doctor if you have any doubts, or read the many reviews you can find online (including this one!) and decide if it seems right for you.

Is Hemi Sync Effective?

There are many testimonials and reviews pointing to the effectiveness of hemi sync and overall people seem to enjoy their experience with the hemi sync CDs.

The Hemi-Sync website itself has many research articles pointing to the success of their product, although you can also do your own research and discover that on the whole, mainstream science is not 100% convinced of any kind of binaural beat meditation leading to altered states of brain function or higher consciousness.

Make of that what you will, I have found that a lot of science doesn’t officially support things in the realm of spirituality, but that doesn’t mean these audios are not effective for you as an individual, plus researchers are constantly discovering new phenomena and drawing new conclusions. In many ways, the world is only just awakening to new methods of self-care and self-enhancement. With this type of sound technology, you can find those who agree with its wisdom and those who are skeptical, just as you can with acupuncture, reiki, and other forms of meditation or holistic therapies.

Do remember that for binaural beat sound technology to be effective, you have to be listening with headphones.

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Who is it for?

Hemi-Sync is designed for beginners and advanced meditators alike. If you are a beginner, you will find the guided meditations easy to follow and helpful to get you quickly into a state of inner tranquility. If you are already a seasoned pro, you will find the audio recordings ideal for reaching even deeper layers of your mind and exploring higher consciousness and states of awareness.

Hemi-Sync is perfect for anyone who wants to increase their relaxation, improve focus, reduce stress, and get a great night’s sleep.

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Audio Tracks Included

One of the highlights of the hemi sync products is a vast library full of different music downloads.

One of the most popular products is the hemi-sync meditation CD which is non-verbal and instead includes deeply relaxing sound frequencies and pink noise. Customer ratings are high for this option, and people say they can fall asleep easier, feel focused, and refreshed after listening to it during the day. That particular album is 45 minutes long.

Another of the most popular albums is The Gateway Experience. This album is voiced by Monroe himself and will take you from your waking state into profound relaxation and unexplored levels of consciousness.

The huge library includes options to suit all tastes and desires. You can explore lucid dreaming tracks, audios for clearing your chakras, weight loss, meeting your guides, cosmic traveler, and many more.

Prices of different Hemi-Sync products vary. Most of the audio files range between $15-$30 for the mp3 version. The tracks offer about an hour’s worth of meditation, which is pretty good in my opinion, and there do seem to be a lot of happy customer reviews.

An hour of meditation is also good for the price compared to other products out there. Read our Holosync review here.

The Hemi-Sync website also offers headphones called SleepPhones, designed to be worn comfortably in bed. They also offer special SleepSonic Stereo Speaker Pillows, for people who find it hard to sleep with something in their ears. You can also find a variety of books in addition to the audio downloads, on spirituality and spiritual processes.


I have really enjoyed my experience with the audio series, but I have to admit that I am a regular meditator and I can already quite easily reach a calm and relaxed state of mind. I think most people will find that they reach a deep state of peace with these tracks without any effort whatsoever, which can be very appealing and make you want to keep trying different tracks.

I think one of the best things about this product is that you can choose between so many different types of audio. If you prefer guidance, if you prefer non-verbal, white noise, pink noise, nature sounds, cosmic sounds, there is something for everyone on the Hemi-Sync website!

For me personally, binaural beats are awesome. I like the way I feel after these meditations, whether or not you believe the science, for me the power of an audio track to relieve my headache or cheer me up, relax me and send me off to sleep is totally worth it.

If you have questions and are still wondering about whether to try the system, visiting the website will provide answers to any questions you have.

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