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A Comprehensive Review of the Holosync Meditation Program

Are you someone who is already on a spiritual mission or do you aspire to develop your spiritual side through meditation? When you’re just starting out, meditation can be challenging, or at least it was for me. I followed the advice of a friend to develop a meditation practice to cope with my anxiety, stress levels, improve my relationships and overall well being. Believe me, I tried but I kept finding reasons to avoid my practice. The conditions weren’t right, I didn’t have time or I just couldn’t let myself relax and let go. My attention was all over the place.

What is the Holosync meditation program?

I decided to try the Holosync meditation training level one, on the recommendation of my father who had been using holosync for a few months and had nothing but positive feedback. I had already researched a number of meditation programs so went into the process with a mix of emotions, I go over those initial thoughts as well as all other experiences I had on my journey in this review.

Also called the awakening prologue, the Holosync program uses audio technology to help you to reach deep states of meditation. The appeal for me was in the promises Holosync made to be “the most powerful self-improvement, brain enhancement and stress-relief in the world.” I was excited about this “incredible experience of focus, alertness, and deep meditation” and couldn’t wait to get the quick benefits the website claimed.

I’ll get into the specifics of how it all works later, but it is basically an advanced brain entrainment program consisting of binaural beats.  These boost the neuro-electrical activities in both hemispheres of your brain, tapping into just the right carrier frequencies, allowing your brain to create new neural pathways and reach an intense state of meditation quickly. This creates positive changes in your nervous system and a whole host of other positive benefits.

Holosync was developed by the director of Centerpointe Research Institute, Bill Harris.

A lifelong student of the brain and ground-breaking brain research, Bill devised the program with the goal of helping people break through the challenges of meditation and get the benefits of a practice while putting less time and effort into it.

Holosync reviews

Before I tell you more, let me share some reviews of the program that other people have willingly published about their individual experiences.

I am a fairly skeptical person and before trying something new I like to do my research!

Reading these definitely gave me the confidence and motivation to try it for myself.

In his Holosync review, Stephen Simon says “My anger began to dissipate, and with that came a corresponding increase in patience. I stopped taking so many things personally; I could let go. My relationships with people opened up and became more honest.”

I’m loving my journey with the program and am committed and passionate about it. Says Belinda Bowers.

Judith E said, “I seem to be seeing things so much more clearly, faster, and without the EFFORT.”

Hearing such positive feedback really made me want to try it out for myself and see what changes I could make in my life.

How does Holosync work?

The Holosync technology uses different brain wave frequencies to induce the meditative state of the mind that causes relaxation, focus, and meditation, otherwise known as brainwave entrainment.

Brain activity is monitored during different states which have a corresponding wave frequency. Gamma, alpha, theta, delta, and epsilon are all different states of brain function. These are then captured using advanced equipment and transferred into audio tracks.

The Centerpointe Holosync method is to integrate this sound technology beneath audios of tranquil music and natural sounds. While you simply listen to the audio track, your brain detects the various frequencies playing and attempts to copy them.

As your brain imitates the frequencies, so does the state of your mind transform to the corresponding wave frequency that is playing in your headphones. You move from alpha to theta and finally into delta waves, where you experience serenity, tranquility, awareness and alertness.

How much does Holosync cost?

The program comes in different packages with slightly varied prices. You can decide to either purchase the mp3 audio series, the CDs or both.

There is a free demo that you can check out before you commit to paying, but you don’t get to download it.

The mp3 files audio series – The price is $159, and you download it instantly. You can pay the whole amount all at once, or opt to pay $29 for the first month, and then $29 for 5 more months.

If you prefer to have the physical CDs sent to your address – You pay $179, but of course, you have to wait for them to arrive at your house. You can also either pay the whole amount straight away or pay $32 for the first month and then $32 for 5 installments to clear the rest.

If you want both the mp3 audio series and physical CDs – This is the better option in a way as the price is $179 for both, you can start using the mp3 right away as you wait for the CDs to be delivered. You get the benefit of both and you can also pay in installments if you prefer.

The system recommends the third option, which I suppose is helpful for those who still use physical CDs, but in general, I don’t see why you would need both mp3 and Cds!

You do get One-year money back guarantee, which I see as a big pro!

Do bear in mind this is how much it costs for just one level (the awakening prologue).

Does Holosync really work?

My conclusion is that it does work, for me at least (and my dad!). We both found our lives to be improved from using the program, and I am planning to move onto the second level soon. My father is already on level four (there are 13 different levels).

These are just some of the benefits that I have seen after using the system for about eight months. I think you’ll agree they are pretty impressive, but one of the main things that I love about the entire program is just how easy I now find it to sit down and take time for myself on a daily basis.

Benefits I have seen include:

  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Better concentration
  • Less stress and anxiety
  • Deeper meditative states (quiet mental chatter)
  • More sense of peace and calm
  • A boost to my energy levels
  • A boost in my creativity
  • Calmer emotions
  • A greater sense of well-being
  • More motivation to complete projects

Above all, I believe I am generally happier and more positive in my life after using the audios from Centerpointe Holosync. I don’t ask for much more than that!

One of the promised benefits is greater longevity, and while I haven’t yet seen much sign of anti-aging, I do believe that happiness and confidence is key to looking your best.

Holosync Dangers

I can’t give a complete Holosync review without mentioning some of the dangers associated with the product. Using binaural beats can cause emotional upheaval. There are some people who unfortunately experience headaches or even increased anxiety. I believe it depends on the individual, some people get quite stirred up emotionally and have vivid dreams and a general feeling of unease. As your brain is being stretched and altered through new neural pathways, this may initially cause a bit of chaos.

In my experience, a calm clarity overrides this, but it’s good to be aware.

Why you should try it

Ultimately this is up to you and I don’t want to encourage anyone to try something they don’t believe in.

My experience with the package was positive. I think if you are looking for a breakthrough in your spiritual journey, and you are open to the process I’ve described, your solution might just be in using this brainwave entrainment product.

Charlie Morley

I'm Charlie. I’m not a ‘guru’ or yogi with ten vipassana retreats under my belt. Far from it. I just enjoy Meditation and Yoga and want to create a daily routine that allows me to be present, mindful and in touch with consciousness and thought I would blog about the process.

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