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Before we start – I am no ‘guru’ nor a spiritual expert. I just enjoy Meditation and Yoga and wanted to start a blog from my perspective of trying to create a daily routine that allows me a glimpse of the stillness they can bring. I try to link out to as many reputable sources within these posts as I can, some of these external links enable me to earn a commission which helps towards the running of the blog.

For many people, there is a growing thirst to embed diligent meditation practices within their everyday lives.

This may start with the goal of sitting first thing every morning with the help of a meditation cushion to allow for longer sessions, before moving on to other daily tasks. Or it could be the aim of concluding each day with the stillness that meditation can bring, which may involve choosing your favorite incense for meditation and enjoying a moment of peace after a long and busy day.

However, these aren’t the only ways to incorporate meditation practices and Buddhist teachings into your daily routine. You may, of course, find your stillness while reading, some of the best meditation books can certainly enhance your knowledge while listening to spiritual soundtracks on your daily commute. Further afield, some even find their spiritual grounding via other methods, one of the most forward-thinking and technically advanced ways of doing so is through Aiste Noreikaite’s Experience Helmet.

Designed in order to allow the wearer to enhance their own self-awareness the helmet utilizes electroencephalography to translate neural processes into sound, or in more simply, to let the user hear how their brain works.

This, in turn, aids self-awareness because all you hear is yourself, pretty simple right?

The information is received through an EEG sensor that reads user body’s natural bio-signals from the brain and outputs them as a power spectrum of alpha, beta, theta and delta waves along with eSense meters for attention and meditation. The Experience Helmet uses those signals as control messages to shape pure sine waves and reflect the person’s mental state with sound. It can be used as a tool to get to know the executive control system of the mind or as a ‘soundtrack’ to different experiences that are gained while wearing the helmet.

The sound frequencies are programmed slightly differently for the left and rights sides, meaning when heard in unison they produce a third frequency that can be head just inside your head. This means the brain waves actually recognize themselves and as a result react to the sounds played back to them, creating a pleasant loop, all within the experience helmet.

These sounds, in turn, are louder when a wearer is able to establish a clear state of mind, aiding the helmets purposes of aiding meditation.

In theory, the helmet is an audible reflection of your personal experience of that present moment. Reflecting back to you the sounds that your brainwaves are producing as you navigate and look to understand the world around you.

Created as a one-off project it will be interesting to see how the technology behind concepts such as the experience helmet is incorporated into other devices including virtual reality headsets.

We may also be moving towards a world where not only can we trace our brainwave sounds as we navigate real life everyday situations but also virtual reality scenarios as well. This may allow us to see how our brains may react to future events or how we can use the experience helmet to keep a clear state of mind when confronted with situations that may cause fear or panic by listening to the soundtrack produced by the helmet and reacting to it.

These are of course only possibilities at the moment but projects such as The Experience Helmet only help to push this field forward if they allow more people to incorporate meditation into their daily routine this is just one positive result of a life-changing technology.


Charlie Morley

I'm Charlie. I’m not a ‘guru’ or yogi with ten vipassana retreats under my belt. Far from it. I just enjoy Meditation and Yoga and want to create a daily routine that allows me to be present, mindful and in touch with consciousness and thought I would blog about the process.

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