The Symbolism of Seeing an Eye During Meditation

Before we start – I am no ‘guru’ nor a spiritual expert. I just enjoy Meditation and Yoga and wanted to start a blog from my perspective of trying to create a daily routine that allows me a glimpse of the stillness they can bring. I try to link out to as many reputable sources within these posts as I can, some of these external links enable me to earn a commission which helps towards the running of the blog.

When we meditate regularly we are cultivating a profound connection to our intuition and higher self.

The act of stilling the mind and creating space within allows for spiritual insights and messages to be easily communicated via symbolism and metaphor.

You may find that after practicing meditation for a period of time, you begin to receive sensory information in the form of visions, images and messages that enter your subconscious or conscious mind during dreams or while meditating.

These images can have deep meaning. When you receive symbols in an intuitive state you are deepening your connection to your inner wisdom and true self.

It’s also believed that seeing images or having symbols flow into your mind represent a message from a greater spirit, or your personal inner essence to communicate something important for your life.

Seeing an Eye

If you are seeing eyes during your meditation ritual, this is considered a perfect indication that your third eye is opening.

What is your third eye?

In yoga classes you may have heard it called the sixth chakra, located between the eyebrows, just behind that area inside the brain (the pineal gland).

Focusing on the third eye during meditation helps to raise your consciousness.

It represents your deep inner knowing and psychic wisdom.

By activating your third eye you strengthen your ability to psychically see and your access to clairvoyance, visions and inner knowledge. It is a sign that you are progressing spiritually during meditation.

When you see an eye in meditation then, it is considered a clear sign that you are opening and expanding your psychic abilities and intuitive gifts. Some see the third eye as a representation of the energy of the Universe as it enters the body like a spiritual light, behind the darkness of your closed eyes.

There are other ways to interpret seeing an eye, depending on whether or not you are conscious or unconscious (dreaming) when the vision occurs. During meditation it seems universally accepted to signify the third eye opening, but if your visions occur during your dream state, there are other possibilities.

As previously mentioned, the eye could also represent a message from your personal inner guide that only you can fully understand.

It could also be a symbol of seeing the truth – It may mean that you are able to look at your own truths or the truths you see in others souls. It may also indicate that you have some truths that you need to acknowledge.

Consider the following common symbolic meanings associated with seeing an eye:

  • Focus
  • Clarity
  • Vision (the ability to see or not)
  • Prophesy (a vision of the future)
  • Presence
  • Observation
  • The all-seeing eye (God/ spirituality)
  • Metaphorically shutting your eyes (ignoring something)
  • Turning a blind eye.
  • An eye for an eye (seeking revenge or equal punishment)
  • Perception
  • Opening
  • Awareness

If you see an eye during a dream, this could also mean that there is something you must look at or pay closer attention to in your waking life. Perhaps there is something you need to watch more carefully.

You may be being drawn to connect closer to human consciousness. You may be receiving confirmation that your spiritual, intuitive eye is opening.

Ultimately you have to analyze and understand the symbolic meaning of seeing an eye as it relates to your own life experience and perspective.

If eyes are a reoccurring vision for you either in images, dreams or during your meditation, accept that it’s a clear message. What that message may signify is up to your own interpretation as it relates to your individual circumstances.

Take time to mediate further and listen to the answers held within you.

Charlie Morley

I'm Charlie. I’m not a ‘guru’ or yogi with ten vipassana retreats under my belt. Far from it. I just enjoy Meditation and Yoga and want to create a daily routine that allows me to be present, mindful and in touch with consciousness and thought I would blog about the process.

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