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Zen12 Meditation Review – The Benefits of Guided Meditation

The last few years have seen a lot of talk about the benefits of meditation. People everywhere are discovering that regular practice can help calm mental chatter, reduce stress, promote relaxation, ease depression, improve your overall health, and set you up each morning to take on the day.

I’ve lost track of how many articles and blogs I’ve read about how meditation benefits your life. The thing that not so many people talk about is how challenging it can be to sustain a practice over time. I am a meditation enthusiast, but I have given up many times along my journey, especially at the beginning.

Today, however, I have discovered the power of this meditation program, and I want to share with you how Zen12 has totally changed me for the better in this review.

I reached a stage in my life when what I required to get going with some serious self-care. I started to research all kinds of meditation, looking for something that would calm my anxiety, bring me serenity but not require that I sit in silence for one or more hours each day. Then I tried Zen12 on the recommendation of a friend from my yoga class, and I’m so glad I did. My positive experience inspired me to write this review.

What is Zen12 Meditation?

Zen12 is perfect for people who don’t have much time, have a busy mind, and struggle with sitting still for a long time. The audio meditation is only 12 minutes long and gives you the same emotional, mental, and physical benefits as sitting for an hour. It works like a kind of fast-track to getting you into the blissed-out state you desire from your practice.

Zen12 was developed by Karl Moore, a prolific author and self-development expert with such creative credentials as Hypnosis Bootcamp and Subliminal Guru.

How Does Zen12 Work?

The program uses advanced neuroscience to gently alter your brain frequency so that it enters a meditative state. This technology is based on the idea that we can alter our brain frequency when we meditate. So many meditations out there are just playing you calming music, but Zen12 employs isochronic tones that train your brain to relax without any effort.

What this Zen12 brainwave technology implies is that instead of sitting and getting frustrated as you attempt to quieten and relax your mind, simply by listening, your brain automatically copies the pattern made by the special tones and pulses and is able to access deep states of relaxation quickly.

This was one of the first techniques I experimented with and forms the basis of my practice today. I love how simple it is and how easily it makes me naturally chill out.

Brainwave entrainment has been researched over the last 100 years or more. In basic terms, it relies upon the fact that our brain waves or frequencies are made up of electrical activity. When our brain is exposed to a specific frequency, it copies it in vibrational response.

The Zen12 audio tunes are specifically designed to produce a sound or tone that affects our brain waves and induces the desired mental state of consciousness. Of course, you don’t realize any of this is going on in your mind, you’re just enjoying 12 minutes of relaxation. I personally have never enjoyed meditation so much.

The Different Zen12 Tracks Available

There are 12 levels of Zen12 and each level takes a month to complete. Each level takes you even deeper into meditation. Once each month is up, or whenever you decide, you move up to the next level.

So there are 12 months of meditation with each month allowing you to progress further along your meditation journey. As you advance and grow, so does the Zen12 program and vice versa. Similar to working out your physical body over time, your muscles get stronger and you can work harder and push yourself further. Each session is still only 12 minutes long, making the entire program ideal for those busy people without much time.

Each of the 12 levels has four different formats or audio styles, known as flavors.

The Zen12 flavors include:

  1. Relaxation music – This is the most popular track. Peaceful and soothing, the background noise calms you, relieves anxiety, and can help you fall asleep.
  2. Guided Meditation – For those who prefer to be guided into a state of bliss, this track features the voice of Karl Moore as he gently leads you into a relaxed state of mind.
  3. Sounds of nature – This track features birdsong and the crashing of waves. It’s ideal for those who find happiness and peace in nature sounds, you feel like you’re in the forest or lying on a beach.
  4. White noise – The white noise effect is for those who have an unsettled mind. White noise can be strange for some people, it’s said to be what a baby hears in the womb and can be very soothing.

The option of these four Zen12 flavors is great as not everyone enjoys the same kind of meditation. These different versions of each level mean that you get to experiment with which Zen12 audio best suits you or switch between them for variety.

Who the program is aimed at:

Zen12 was originally designed for beginners in mind, but advanced meditators can skip to the higher levels straight away if desired. Or you can move level by level from a beginner to an advanced meditator over the course of one year.

Zen12 Purchasing options:

You can choose between three meditation packages: Beginner, Premium, and Advanced.

The beginner meditation program includes 24 mp3’s covering the first 6 levels (so basically 6 months worth of meditation)

The premium package is far and above the best option as it caters to everyone. You get the entire Zen12 course which includes 12 months of levels, beginners, intermediate and advanced levels.

The advanced package is aimed at those who want to skip beginner levels, those who have at least 6 months of meditation experience. It covers the final 6 levels of the Zen12 program (the advanced stages).

Each Zen12 package includes benefits such as a 1-year money back guarantee, lifetime support, and a quick start guide user manual.

If you go for the premium, your benefits include an exclusive 1-hour training call hosted by Karl Moore himself.

Once you buy the Zen12 course that is right for you, you gain access to the mp3s forever. Feel free to listen online or download the audio versions. Remember each meditation practice includes a money back guarantee for one whole year. So if for whatever reason you are not feeling the benefits of meditation, you can try something else and get a refund.

Remember each meditation session comes in four versions. For the purpose of my Zen12 review, I listened to all four flavors a lot so that I could comment sincerely on the details. My personal favorite, however, is the nature sounds track, I love hearing the birds chirping and it’s probably the track I come back to most.

What are the Benefits?

The benefits of meditation, in general, are huge in terms of your well-being and happiness.

Zen 12 can help with the following:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Mood swings
  • Mental issues
  • Difficulty with emotions
  • Concentration and focus
  • Pain
  • Stress
  • Memory
  • Creative flow and imagination
  • Sleep
  • Empathy towards others

The list goes on and on, the health benefits of regular meditation are being scientifically proven more and more.

What makes Zen12 so special is that in just 12 minutes you can reach such intense meditative states. I know people who say they meditate, but really they spend half an hour a day trying to rest their busy minds and end up simply more frustrated than peaceful.

In comparison, Zen12 creates mental space for clarity and calm. If you’re someone who has tried meditating and gotten frustrated or if you’re someone who has trouble building a habit of sitting still for any length of time – the zen12 products are for you. At least give it a chance!

What are the cons?

As far as I can tell, zen12 does not have many cons. I would say the biggest downside is that it only lasts for 12 months, meaning that once you complete the program you can’t continue to progress your meditation skills.

I guess some people might find it frustrating that zen12 is only available in mp3 audio files and not in cd format. You cannot listen to it while driving, but I don’t know that meditating while driving makes sense anyway!

man in between meditation and sleep

How does Zen12 compare to Holosync?

Whether you choose to try Zen12 or Holosync is a personal preference that you can only really discover through trying them both out. Both use science to create effective binaural beats embedded into meditation music. Both employ technology to affect brainwave patterns in order to reach deep conscious states of mind.

I personally love Zen12 as is probably apparent in this Zen12z review mainly because of the length of each session. Those 12 minutes make you feel amazing, and they are so easy to fit into your day. If you don’t practice every day, that’s also ok! Because you can always find 12 minutes tomorrow.


Don’t just take my word for it, try something new today. Zen12 has helped me to establish a regular meditation practice and to progress and grow. I feel like I have control over my life when I meditate with these audios and I like thinking about how my brainwave frequencies are being transformed. It feels like progress. All you need is the willingness to try something new and a pair of headphones!

Charlie Morley

I'm Charlie. I’m not a ‘guru’ or yogi with ten vipassana retreats under my belt. Far from it. I just enjoy Meditation and Yoga and want to create a daily routine that allows me to be present, mindful and in touch with consciousness and thought I would blog about the process.

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