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Before we start – I am no ‘guru’ nor a spiritual expert. I just enjoy Meditation and Yoga and wanted to start a blog from my perspective of trying to create a daily routine that allows me a glimpse of the stillness they can bring. I try to link out to as many reputable sources within these posts as I can, some of these external links enable me to earn a commission which helps towards the running of the blog.

Yoga is all about flow and connection, a practice of presence and ease.

Whether you roll out your mat at home or in a yoga studio, your regular practice is a ritual you come to for strength, flexibility and a balanced mind. Yoga towels are a wonderful addition to your practice, especially for those who enjoy hot yoga.

Cultivating strength and being grounded can be challenging enough, the last thing you want is to slip and slide around on your mat during your downward dog!

With a yoga towel, you are granted peace of mind and serenity, knowing that you can hold those long poses without losing grip or focus.

What is a yoga towel?

Not to be confused with yoga mats, yoga towels are that extra comfort, measured to fit perfectly over your mat for additional grounding as you move through your poses. The best yoga towels are made from superabsorbent material and ensure you will not slip. While yoga mats are also made to offer good grip, adding a yoga towel to your yoga gear collection just means peace of mind and extra support for you during your practice.

Many yogis of all ages and levels find that a yoga mat alone does not offer enough support if the surface is slippery due to sweat.

You’re just on the tip of mastering that crow pose and suddenly your hand slips, it can actually be potentially dangerous as well as frustrating. It sounds so simple, but using a yoga mat can really be the world of difference in helping to keep hands and feet in place, allowing you to focus your attention on your breath and body without distraction.

Advantages of nonslip yoga towels

The benefit of using a specifically designed yoga mat over a normal bath or beach towel is of course that it has been created with the yogi in mind. Regular towels don’t have the right kind of absorbency or grip for yoga practice and are not the correct measurements to fit over a yoga mat. Regular towels also tend to bunch up under pressure and movement.

When practicing yoga, you really don’t want to be distracted by something as silly as a towel!

Bikram yoga is exceptionally sweaty and those who are regulars will know, a towel is an essential part of the class. Having a towel for Ashtanga yoga with its balancing postures is also important or any fast flowing vinyasa or power yoga session that produces a sweat.

You can lose a lot of water in a hot yoga session; you need an absorbent towel from high-quality material that will remain dry despite lots of sweating. The best yoga towels double up as a workout towel to refresh your face and body as well as support and grip.  A yoga towel is also a welcome addition for floor work if you need extra support under your knees on a hard surface, or rolled up under your head at the end of a session in the corpse pose.

They are designed for quick drying so yoga towels can be used repeatedly within a longer, intense workout. They also tend to wear well and are very easy to wash, making them convenient for multiple use and travel.

If you’re thinking that a yoga towel sounds more like an added luxury than a necessity considering how dirty a yoga mat can get. It can be hard to clean them properly and there can be plenty of bacteria and germs lingering in a well-used mat. Reaching for your yoga towel in class and placing it over your mat gives you peace of mind if you are using a communal mat or just haven’t gotten around to cleaning your own in a while.

Yoga towels are also great if you want to grab a quick practice flow and you don’t have your mat to hand, or perhaps you take public transport or walk to class and you don’t always want to lug around the mat with you. In fact, going back to the 60’s and 70’s when yoga first started becoming popular with Westerners, towels were totally the norm. You could say yoga towels were one of yoga’s first accessories, even before mats. Today they are almost a ‘must have’ for any budding yogi, something to include in your kit alongside the latest books about yoga and the best yoga blocks.

Features of yoga towels to look out for when making a purchase

If you are in the market for a good yoga towel, you want to be on the lookout for one with slip-resistant padding or one with a superior absorbent, microfiber material that makes plastic grips unnecessary. Do you ever have trouble getting yourself onto the mat for practice? Choose a fun, colorful towel or maybe one with a positive message printed on it and add a little inspiration to motivate you into your workout.

Practical points to bear in mind when considering buying a yoga towel include size, good grip, easy wash, portability, and absorbency.

Best Yoga Towel Reviews

With the current yoga trend showing no signs of abating, there’s plenty of choices. We’ve selected five of the best to help guide you in making the best investment, so you can move gracefully into your warrior two, without a glitch.

Super Soft, Sweat Absorbent Bikram Hot Yoga Towel

This wins first prize for absorbency. Extremely soft and made from high-quality microfiber, this towel is durable and non-slip. A great choice for any high-intensity yoga session where the last thing you want is a sweaty, slippery surface interrupting your flow. The towel fits perfectly on top of a yoga mat (68”x 24”) and comes in a wide selection of colors from coral blue or pink/ purple tie-dye to sleek gray with different color trims (pink, purple, blue) and more. The towel is easy to wash in any machine and you can throw it in with the rest of your laundry for ease. It won’t lose its vibrant, plush appearance or more importantly, it’s grip and absorbency.

Youphoria Yoga Towel

The selling point of this towel is its ability to absorb seven times its weight in water (or sweat). It’s designed to fit directly on top of any standard yoga mat (24”x72”) and is super absorbent. Extremely non-slip this is the go-to towel for those who love Bikram yoga and know how crucial it is not to disrupt your yoga flow in a puddle of sweat. The best yoga towel for those who sweat profusely. The towel comes in many different classic color combinations e.g gray with blue, pink, mint green, purple or white stitching or a different block color with gray stitching. This yoga towels microfibre is super effective for yogis on the go and the best thing is it’s so light! Easy to transport, dry and reuse.

Shandali Gosweat Hot Yoga Towel

A fantastic, non- bunching, absorbent towel essential for hot yoga practice. Suede like, soft and stable, it’s a good choice for those wanting to practice holding longer poses without slipping or during a more intense yoga flow. Quick drying and with microfiber, this towel is a helping hand for those wanting to perfect their technique without distraction from a slippery mat below. Move with easy flow and fashion with the original color range available. Fancy a Lemonade Pink or African Violet? Or choose from Teal, Placid Blue, Evening Blue and many more. It’s efficient, practical and aesthetically pleasing as a great addition to your yoga gear.

Syourself Yoga Towel

If you opt for this towel you have the added bonus of its accompanying travel bag. With a strong grip, microfiber antibacterial material, it’s cool and comfortable and comes in some unique colors and vibrant, head-turning designs. For a towel that adds a little fun and inspiration to yoga, check out the mandala blue, pink flower or the starry sky. If you like to stand out from the crowd in yoga class, this is the towel for you! It’s also a great lightweight, non-slip towel and its matching travel bag are useful for easy portability (and makes a cute gift for a new yogi). Like all the yoga towels, it’s essential for enhancing your practice and boosting your technique by helping you stay still and focused on the mat.

DubeeBaby Hot Yoga Towel

Good, sound eco choice (no use of silica gel particles) with this yoga towel. Durable and non-slip, non-skid the towel is designed to fit a  24”x 72” yoga mat. The towel can be used for a variety of yoga practices, from Bikram yoga to Ashtanga yoga, and its high quality, 100 % microfiber material makes it absorbent for those sweatier flows. The yoga towel comes with a free, protective carrying bag as a little extra. It’s available in different colors from gray with color stitching to pink, blue, purple and green combinations. It’s easy to wash and dry making it perfect for frequent use. A good value towel, comparable to more expensive brands for less cost.

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